Privacy Policy

We collect information about you when you visit our website, send a message (via e-mail or special forms on this website) or when you subscribe to our e-mail lists and through the use of cookies on this website.

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All personal data sent to us, through this website or via e-mail, will be stored in accordance with our responsibility under the Data Protection Act 1998. As a consequence, we will not disclose to any third party any personal data provided other than in the following circumstances :

  1. required by law,
  2. in the reasonable exercise of our contractual rights;
  3. to identify or resolve technical issues that arise when using the Website;
  4. to handle complaints from any party regarding the operation of the Website;
  5. which may be required to enable us to provide our services to you; 6. otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy;

We may use any of the information you have provided to us for marketing purposes via email and direct mail. To opt out of our marketing lists, follow the instructions in each of our emails or printed materials.

At any time, you can request by mail or email that you wish to receive a copy of, make changes or delete any personal information we have about you. We strive to provide / delete such information free of charge within 72 hours of your request by law.

This site collects demographic information using data from Google’s interest-based advertising or third-party audiences (such as age, gender, and interests) with Google Analytics, to improve the user experience, but the collection of this information held by us is completely anonymous.

In order for this website to be displayed best on your device, technical cookies can be placed in your browser. These are also completely anonymous.

Other third parties may place cookies in your browser for targeted advertising purposes, these include PayPal, Google, Facebook, Twitter, MouseFlow and others. This information may be used by them to target advertising on our, their and / or other websites based on your online activity, see their privacy policy and terms of use. Frill cannot be held responsible for the information they hold under any circumstances.

All cookies that our website places in your browser have a different lifespan. This can vary from “per session” (they will be deleted as soon as you close the browser window) to one year (365 days) from your last visit to our website.

You can prevent this website from collecting data about you and your future visits at any time by disabling cookies in your browser settings and by deleting all cookies associated with our website