Fuud launches LEGENDZ – clean carbonated drinks inspired by the gaming universe

Fuud announces the launch of an exciting new brand of gaming drinks for gamers wanting clean refreshment. Upon release, 3 uniquely crafted LEGENDZ characters offering 3 different appetizing flavors will land on shelves across Sweden. The drinks can be found at selected stores from week 6.

Louise Nobel, CMO at Fuud: “With LEGENDZ, we want to provide gamers with a healthy and tasty alternative to energy drinks. We love the world of gaming and want to pay homage to its lore, traditions, and to the many games that inspire us. We also want to show respect to the community by being honest and genuine in everything we do. From the product to how we communicate.”

Serving the gaming community’s needs is at the heart of LEGENDZ. Gamers need to stay calm, focused and keep their energy levels balanced so they can stay immersed in the game and play at their best. That’s why the drinks are free of additives and toxins. They come in a range of refreshing flavors appealing to all tastes and are infused with enriching vitamins to boost vitality.

Louise Nobel, CMO at Fuud: “Looking at what gamers drink today, there’s a strong focus on energy drinks containing taurine, sugar, and caffeine. We want to provide a healthier alternative made up of sustainable ingredients. It’s our mission to change the world of energy drinks, for the better and healthier. That’s why we make our drinks pure, clean, and sustainable. No toxins. No cheating.”

Fuud’s vision is to be the Nordic market leader within Functional Foods by 2025. With a strong focus on high-quality products, exciting innovations, and attractive design, our goal is to drive the market forward by constantly offering new and better alternatives in our category.

Initially, the drinks will come in the following flavors: APESH*T ORANGE, RASPBERRY RONIN, and 8-BIT BERRY. Each unique character was specially crafted together with illustrator Rustan Curman and creative agency River. In Q2 of 2022, the drinks will also be launched in Finland and Norway.

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Louise Nobel, CMO

E-mail: louise.nobel@fuudunited.com

About the Fuud Group

With the vision of being the Nordic market leader in 2025, Fuud brings together a number of exciting Swedish brands within Functional Foods under one roof, in order to jointly challenge the existing players in one of the food industry's fastest growing categories.

Fuud is growing through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions with a strong focus on high-quality content, exciting innovations and attractive design. Fuud's goal is to offer new and better alternatives than those already on the market, and at the same time contribute to both better health and increased quality of life for the Nordic population.

With a naturally built-in forward-thinking spirit, a strong and motivated sales force and a number of experienced key players in management and the board, Fuud has created a balance between muscle, drive and experience. The Fuud Group currently has the following brands: iQ Fuel, Homie, Beijing8, Juica, Juice Culture, Bacoccoli, Frill, Nathalie’s, Barfly, Bezzt of Nature and Legendz.

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