Fuud’s vision is to within 5 years be the Nordic region’s market-leading company within Functional Foods by driving the development and sale of food products that contribute to better health and increased quality of life.

By balancing between innovative and market-oriented business projects and established businesses with stable earnings potential, Fuud will take a leading position in this fast-growing market.

Organic growth and consolidation

Fuud will reach a leading position through a combination of organic growth and a consolidation of the Functional Foods market, which is currently fragmented. Through broad distribution, well-focused marketing efforts, cost efficiency, acquisitions and new products, Fuud has good opportunities for strong growth and good profitability in the coming years. Further development of the acquired companies and the creation of synergies between them will be an important factor for financial success.

Development of products and brands in strong channels

Fuud’s current product portfolio is well-diversified and filled with brands that all have good potential for strong growth. With an innate entrepreneurial spirit, a strong and hungry sales force and a number of experienced key players in management and the board, Fuud has every opportunity to develop both existing brands and launch new products through several important sales channels.

Grocery Retail

The grocery retail market in Sweden alone has an annual turnover of more than SEK 270 billion, and Fuud’s entire product portfolio fits well into this channel.


A majority of Fuud’s products are sold in convenience stores and Fuud’s impulse products such as functional drinks, snack bars, juices and healthy sweets enable Fuud to occupy a broad position among all the thousands of retailers in the Nordic region.

The Pharmacy Market

Sales of non-pharmaceuticals in the pharmacy market grow annually by 7-11 % and Fuud has a number of different products that fit into this market.


Another important channel for Fuud’s sales growth is both its own and external e-commerce, where clear synergies between the brands can be utilized and contribute to both increased sales and high profit margins.

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