About Fuud

By uniting a number of exciting Swedish brands under one roof, Fuud challenges the existing players in Functional Foods – one of the food industry’s most interesting and fastest growing categories.

A success story that has only just begun

Our vision is to be the Nordic market leader by 2025 with a strategy to continue our acquisition and development of new brands. During the journey, our goal is to constantly create increased value for our shareholders while contributing to improved health and life quality for more and more consumers. With a strong focus on high-quality products, exciting innovations and attractive design, we will drive the market forward by constantly offering new and better alternatives in our category.

As a company, we are characterized by an innate entrepreneurial spirit, a strong and hungry sales force and a number of experienced key players with a broad knowledge base on the board. The result is a unique balance between muscles, drive and experience making us well equipped and ready to take on this exciting challenge. We are Fuud – Functional Food United – and our journey of success has just begun.

Functional Foods

We see an increased demand for healthy, functional and high-quality products and believe that this trend will continue to be strong for many years to come. Health and exercise continue to symbolize high status and a large majority of consumers make active choices among foods to prevent health problems. Awareness of how our consumption affects our well-being continues to increase, and consumers want good alternatives that contribute to both health and quality of life. This increased demand, combined with consumers being very open to testing new brands, puts Fuud’s attractive product portfolio in a strong position.

Fuud takes position in a fast-growing market

In the fast-growing market for functional foods, Fuud has some exciting years ahead of it. By launching and building up sales of products with stable earnings potential as well as innovative product projects with low risk and short time to market, the company will take a strong position. Fuud has the organizational capacity to drive consolidation, along with a strong platform for product development. Welcome to Fuud – Functional Food United – and a journey of success that has just begun.


Fuud’s board employs a number of competent people with broad experience within fast-moving consumer goods.

Group Management

Fuud’s management team consists of key players with strong drive and entrepreneurship.

Vision and Strategy

Fuud’s vision is to be the Nordic region’s market-leading company within Functional Foods within 5 years.